Letterpress in Toronto: What to see?

Hi, I’m currently in Toronto for a week and I wanted to know which are the good places to visit for seeing nice stuff.

I know there is Don Black and George Walker in town.
I also know that there is the yellow pages here on briarpress, but I wanted to hear some tips on where I should go from you guys and if we could just ”take a look” at Don Black warehouse (maybe I’ll end up buying some things, but I’m not going there with that particularly on my mind.

Tell me everything, torontonians!

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It’s not exactly IN Toronto, but the last time I was in Toronto, I went to the Mackensie Printery and Newspaper Museum in Queenston, ON. It was on my bucket list …


We’d love to see you at our Howard Iron Works Printing Museum and Restoration. We’re located in Mississauga, just outside of Toronto. Please give us a call at (905) 821-0000, or visit:


Hope to see you!

Liana Howard
Howard Iron Works
Printing Museum and Restoration

I was just at Don Black, and it was amazing, totally worth the drive, which also was amazing…though in a bad way….traffic is unreal, so be ready.