Vandercook Letterpress SP-25 (Power)

For Sale: Vandercook Letterpress SP-25 (Power) in Atlanta, GA.

I am selling a Vandercook SP-25 (power) that was refurbished by the great Steve Robinson in 2012. The reason I am selling this press is simply because it does not get much use in my studio these days. The press is in great condition and works wonderfully and efficiently. It does have a few small electrical issues relating to “cycle” modes that do not interfere with the overall performance of the press and I believe it can be easily fixed by an electrician.

Here are the specs for this particular model:
Max Sheet: 24 1/2” X 28”
Max Form: 24” X 26”
Floor Space 3’ 10” X 8’

The press comes with:
— Two almost brand new rollers (used a handful of times)
— Two extra rollers (just the core metal so you can have an extra set of rollers on hand, if you wish)
— A rare Vandercook drying rack that fits under the feed board (very handy; see video).
— Two Vandercook roller setting gauges (galley high and type high)
— Approx. 30 never-used pre-cut sheets of oiled tympan (in a variety of thickness).
— An electrical phase converter (since this machine runs on 220/440, this converter allows for you to run it off 220 single phase, which is a standard drying machine current).

Videos (press running on “slow” mode)

Check out the photos and video, and I will be happy to share any information I can about this Vandercook letterpress. Thanks for looking!

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