kluge training in Chicago Ravenswood studio

i am the proud owner of a 12x18 kluge. i had the motor rebuilt & am in the process of getting all the electrical set. i would love to have someone come out for a day & show me how the press works.

i have ten years experience printing on vandercooks & C+Ps. my main press is a hand fed C+P that i’ve had for eight years but i really need to learn my kluge automatic. I’ll pick it up much faster with visuals, note taking and hands-on training than I will from just reading the manual. i’m willing to pay you for your time in both cash & letterpress goodies. l’m looking for someone with the following qualifications:
-good sense of humor
-knowledge of printing (not just die cutting) on kluge
-be willing to dedicate 4-8 hours of a day of your choosing in
the next month
-in Chicagoland area willing to come to:
4229 N Honore St, #202, Chicago IL (we have a parking lot)

interested parties please email me your compensation & website: a(at)afavoritedesign(dot)com

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