Adams Cottage Press No.4 1861

Hello everyone! Recently I acquired the Adams Cottage Press No. 4, and I’ve found some information about the machine here in this website from past posts. However, I really like to have any other info, so if anyone knows something else about it, it would be really appreciated.
I found that it is an important piece due to its relevance during the Civil War, but it is actually hard to find. Also, there are not many records about price.
My studio is in Colombia (South America), I am a book conservator and bookbinder, but also got some antique letter presses and eventually work in artistic projects around it. I am really interested in knowing a bit more about this particular press, and also your opinion about the way of restoring this piece. All your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Please check our post about it:


John Martinez

image: adams-press.jpg


image: adams-press2.jpg


image: adams-press3.jpg


image: adams-press5.jpg


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Try this link:

There is also a booklet:

Printing Hustory New Series No. 12 - Portable Press & Field Printing Civil War - American Printing History Association - July, 2012


Off topic but it is so nice to hear from someone living in Colombia. My daughter lives in Villavicencio.