Perfing 4 to 5 part NCR on windmill

I have been having problems perfing 4 and 5 part NCR forms.
Either the first page falls out or the last page does not perf all the through.
I use a 2pt x 8 to 1” blade with a 1/16 space between teeth.
I use perf backing on my packing sheet and often have to put a strip of tape over this which helps some. My press is a 10x15 Windmill.
I don’t use the steel jacket on these jobs because I also number at the same time. Any advice would be nice

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Albazev, skin(cut) the glued edge, perf 1 sheet at a time.
reverse run, re glue. best james

are you using a soft ejection rubber down each side of the perf?

Best to only perf one sheet at time. And you need a metal plate of metal strip for the perf strip to hit for a sharp clean perf.


The perf rule is the same as cutting meat or fish, it needs a hard surface to hit for a clean cut.

i find that perfing as a package, they “pile up” much less so, than individual sheets. the rubber strips eject the sheets much easier without the “pulling and tearing” of the perf. the rubber must be right next to the perf rule to work well.

I always use ejection rubber on perf jobs the finished project is always nicer thanks ericm and I use perf a base for the blade to stop on. Doing one sheet at a time is not acceptable. I will try using a pallet strip behind the perf a base. Hopefully this will give me a harder surface to work with.

I use Perf-a-base. You can find it online. Glue to the top sheet and perf steel to steel. Eliminates problems and works well on multi part NCR forms.


Albazev, your sets must be numbered or set. I always price jobs based on job difficulty so crash perfing 4/5 part is
a tricky run regardless. best james

Rubber is not an option when ink is on the press. 5part ncr is like perfing 20 pt so more depth and/or space between teeth should help.

I have had good luck with 17/18 tooth per inch on this 4 part run that I number and perf.

image: perf2.jpg


image: perf1.jpg


Thanks Mike Conway and Rubicon327 I will try those
Right now I’m using 8TPI with a .032 space on .938 it seems to help a little.