Hi Folks,

I recently purchased a great 12x18 C & P press. She works fine but moving from a small Pilot to this monster has me looking at things a bit differently.

The first thing I’ve noticed is how hard it is to pull back the double saddle that holds the rollers in. I’ve cleaned it and oiled it, and it moves freely; it’s just very difficult to pull back with my poor arthritic fingers and muscle the roller into place! Any suggestions or tricks that any of you have found that would help me install and remove the rollers?

Also, on the smaller presses I just removed the rollers to clean, but someone suggested that I clean the rollers on the machine, and not bother removing them. I’m just trying to get a feel from those of you that use the larger platen presses: do you remove the rollers to clean them or just clean them on the press?

Thank you so much for any suggestions, criticisms, and ideas you can give me!

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I have always washed my rollers on the press. I only remove the rollers when I do scoring or die cutting.

Wash the inking plate with the rollers down and wash the rollers slowly as you turn the press by hand to get the rollers to run up to the ink plate. You have have to do this a few times to get the rollers clean and the ink plate will have to cleaned each time the rollers come up on it.

But, it a lot easier than fighting to get the rollers off the press and back on.

I have a 12x18 kluge and had the same problem till someone told me there is a tool to help you get the rollers in and out. There must be one for the c&p, those roller springs are very strong.

this is the tool. i make them from original prints to original, but better specs. contact me if you would like one made.

image: roller tool 2a.jpg

roller tool 2a.jpg

eric, is that a rubber grip you added to the tool?