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Hello -

I’d like to move a press from Brooklyn, NY to Mineral Point, WI. Does anyone have a recommendation for a quality freight company in or around Brooklyn? Many thanks!

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I used I got quotes from about 15 freight companies. UPS freight was about $310, I called UPS Freight directly and got a price of $1050. ????

I don’t know how they can cheaper prices?


I have used a broker called mi-logistics a few times with success. They shop the job out & find best price.

Big problem is you’re looking to have a press delivered. Unless the selling party is willing to load it onto transport for you, you need to consider machine-riggers.
If the press is small enough, you can go with a liftgate pickup and the selling party might be able to load it onto the truck this way.
Otherwise, you need riggers; there are several options in Brooklyn, but among the best I have used personally are Jack Pedowitz Machine Movers. Additionally, Perry Tymeson of Suitcase Press moves machines.

But- You should really ask the party you’re purchasing from! They probably already know.

A lot depends on the press — if it’s a C&P Pilot that is one thing, but if it’s a 12x18 C&P or a Vandercook #4 that is quite another thing. In any case, care is needed selecting a shipper to ensure careful packing and handling. UPS is almost guaranteed to break the press. A moving company like Allied International is pretty likely to also. The last statement in HavenPress’s reply is the most germane — if the seller is knowledgeable about printing presses and shipping them, their advice would be valuable. But if the seller is an antiques dealer, perhaps less so. Careful preparation will ensure the highest liklihood of safe shipment.


Thanks so much for the recommendations. I will check out Jack Pedowitz Machine Movers and Perry Tymeson.

I have had good and bad with

A few times, I had a person that spoke good English and the shipment went without any problems

The time I move a small 19” paper cutter, and the person I talked to with FrieghtQuote didn’t speak good English and it took a month to move the cutter just 600 miles.

And, the payment to FrieghtQuote got screwed up also, because the person didn’t handle the payment correctly.

Talking to someone that doesn’t understand what you are talking about will make the move a big mess.