Hand & Eye Foundry is no longer operational.

Hi all; of niche interest, I’m sure, but just to let any UK printers know that I’ve left Hand & Eye Letterpress after seven excellent years, and the Monotype machinery has come with me. I’m in the process of setting everything up at its new home in Yorkshire, where I’ll be operating under the (geographically inaccurate) name of Effra Press & Typefoundry. I hope to have a usable website up soon, and hope to be offering the usual array of hot metal typesetting, display type, leads, rules and similar things very soon.

I will also be continuing my adventures in typefounding (including cutting punches by hand, casting type in hand moulds, tinkering with Monotype machinery, and other niche activities), so if that sort of thing interests you, please do follow me on …

URL - www.effrapress.co.uk
Twitter - @effrapress
Instagram - @effrapress
Briar Press username - effrapress
email - [email protected]

Thanks, all. Hope to hear from you soon …


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Hi Nick,
I hope the move goes well. I’ll have to pop over and have a look when you are up and running.
Let me know if you need any help with anything.
Best regards

Just moving my shop last month, I understand all the fun of oving and getting set up.

Hi Nick,
Hear from Steve Bowen that you’re heading York way.
Good luck with the move.