Looking for treadle for Improved Pearl #11

I’m looking to put a treadle back onto a Pearl No 11 that has a motor. I understand that it is hard to find a treadle for this particular press. Can anyone help me in this regard?

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Make one (or get someone to make one for you):


Not quite the Rocket Science that some would have you believe!!!
If you can navigate the Adana T.P. 48 posts and back archives, including a fair contribution from the U.K. you may find representations of the Treadle, as fitted to the T.P, 48.
So simple that a first grade metal work student could manufacture one from scratch, for peanuts or a few $,s. LESS.??

The machine does not have to have a crankshaft with an inbuilt crank pin, ANY transverse shaft will acommodate the simple treadle, which IS highly efficient.

On the T.P.48 (On Sight at time of post), the treadle is so efficient and foot pressure is so modest, even with a 56 Lb.flywheel after 2-3 *pumps* even with large print to view, form area, it will roll over 2 full impressions. >>>Streets ahead of conventional Treadle, Hooked tie Rod and Crank Pin/Crankshaft,<<<

AKIN to (Auto) Automatic transmission where the motive force stays constant.

IF an exploded diagram can not be found, given the request (and with a little help) I can Post shots of an original, with detailed method(s)

If you take some pics of your press and send to me I can see if I can create one for you. I have a metal shop.

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Hi Mick,
Can you post some pics or send them directly to me? I would like to check the orginal treadle out.

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