Came across a couple of desktop letterpresses and would love some help

Hi, I got these over the weekend. One is an Excelsior Mercury, the other a Baltimore No. 9. The Baltimore looks pretty beat up, so I might just give it to someone if they need it for parts?

As for the Excelsior, I was wondering if I’m missing any parts (besides the rollers) to get it to working condition? One thing I noticed is I can’t figure out how to get the chase to stay on the bed.

Also, Can anyone recommend a site to get rollers, letters, or anything else I need? Thanks in advance!

image: IMG_9780.JPG


image: IMG_9781.JPG


image: IMG_9783.JPG


image: IMG_9785.JPG


image: IMG_9786.JPG


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Notice that the chase clamp at the top of the bed is actually meant to hold both the bed and chase and has a stepped notch in its underside. The bed must be pushed back against the frame so that the chase can fit into its notch in the clamp, and there is a recess in the long edge of the chase for the clamp to grip.

The Baltimore looks to be missing its ink disc, but perhaps the rest of the parts are there and it could be put back together and hand inked unless there are breaks not visible in the photos.


Ahh thanks so much Bob. I didn’t realize that there was a clamp on the back :) oops

Got the chase on. Now can anyone recommend a place to purchase a letter set that would work with this machine? And I assume there needs to be something to hold the letters in place?

Sorry for the newbie questions. This is my first letterpress (I’m a screen printer)

As for the Baltimore, I have no use for it so happy to send it to a good home.

I have whatever you will need to print except paper and ink. This includes type, wood and metal furniture used to lock type in the chase along with quoins and a quoin key. Tympan paper and gauge pins.
Give me a call and I can explain the process and make up a small starter kit for you.
Larry 516-633-5107 cell or text

thanks Larry! Do you have a website?

You should get a starter kit like one of these. It will be less frustrating because there are so many little bits you need. Furniture, quoins, key, spacers, type, etc

Rollers - Ramco

Another roller contact:

Todds Press Time
601 Hilltop blvd.
McHenry, IL USA 60050
Tel 815 363-9049

I have gotten many sets from him and they work hreat every time.
He knows his presses and what rollers fit them and
carries trucks to match the rollers and press.