Miehle v50x Lubrication Chart?

Hi there everybody! New to the forum & new to letterpress operations, but have a few years in offset & digital-offset under my belt.

My new-to-me Miehle v50x didn’t come with any manuals, etc. I did attain a maintenance manual off ebay, which is great! Though it’s missing the Lubrication Chart, showing where to oil & grease manually, etc.

I’ve gotten her up and running, she seems like a performer… but afraid to do any revolutions because I may have some dry metal on metal somewhere!

I can’t seem to locate one online anywhere, can someone please help! ~Fitz

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Friz, Pretty sure I have a spare lube chart for the v50x. give me an address so I can mail it. How about a parts book? Missing any parts? Are you new to the v50? You’re going to love it once you get it figured out. I Have several and run them every day. Bud.

hi 2727, I have PM’d my address for your help!

-parts book: I did acquire a parts book off ebay for a v50, not sure if the v50x & v50 had too many different assemblies between the two. I’m always on the look out on ebay for a v50x parts book!

-missing any parts: I’ve been able to die-cut, so it must be somewhat complete… :) I do have a parts list for the normal consumables and such that I’ll have to pull the trigger on soon. I have noticed a cover missing (delivery end by vacuum pumps) I definitely will be looking for inking system parts… I seem to have two bottom roller assy’s. and none of the top.

-I am new to the v50! I’ve seen (we’ve all seen) the Heidelberg’s & Kluge’s on shop floors, but honestly I’ve never seen a v50 in person until getting mine. After doing a lot of reading, on this forum and others, I decided on the Miehle due to chase-area, machine foot-print, overall dependability. (this all being reading text and talking to a couple guys via the phone about their own experiences) despite being new to v50, I’m also a greenie in regard to letterpress all around, and it’s been a blast so far on figuring out how to run setups & overall workings of the cylinder!

If you just got the Miehle v50 I would oil everything that I see that has an oil cap. Also grease the lube spots.

When I got my Miehle v50 three years I just started oiling every part I saw that has a moving part.

A drop or two on old parts helps break them loose from sitting for months or years not moving.

The V-50 also has at least one, maybe more oil holes that require a screw plug to be removed to add oil, so it isn’t just the obvious oil holes. Also, the oil pump should be kept fairly full.

Fitz, Today is your lucky day!!! I found a v50x lube chart and a v50x supplemental parts book. I’ll get them out to you tomorrow. Bud

Fitz, Today is your lucky day!!! I found a v50x lube chart and a v50x supplemental parts book. I’ll get them out to you tomorrow. Bud

you know… I may just buy a state lotto ticket!