Kelsey 5x8, Poco Proof, 12x18 C&P, wood & metal type & more!

Lots of metal type (50+ typefaces), 5 sets of wood type, a 5x8 Kelsey letterpress with new rollers, a Poco Proof Press (12x18 bed), lots of leading & spacing, dingbats, slug cutter, metal trays, type drawers, cabinets, quoins/keys, drying rack and other ephemera.

FREE 12x18 New Style Chandler and Price Press to anyone willing to haul it. Weighs approx 2,500 lbs.

Located in Martins Ferry, OH (an hour south of Pittsburgh near Wheeling, WV). Email with when you can come check out the items in person. Open to any offers for individual and or groups of items.

Local pick up is preferred, but shipping smaller items would be possible.

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image: 12x18 Poco Proof Press

12x18 Poco Proof Press

image: slugcutter and metal trays

slugcutter and metal trays

image: small chunk of available metal type

small chunk of available metal type

image: 2 of 3 type cabinets

2 of 3 type cabinets

image: some of the leading/slug

some of the leading/slug

image: 5x8 Kelsey

5x8 Kelsey

image: IMG_5977.JPG

image: IMG_5972.JPG