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Hi fellow printers!
I’m located in Seattle and I’m having a hard time buying a large quantity of 100lb+ white A2 folded cards and envelopes. Paper Mill only carries up to 80lb, Paper source only sells in packs of 50, and I need 250-300 cards and envelopes.

Do you have a great resource for this type of paper?

Thank you in advance!

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Try Mohawk paper company their in Washington.
I bet they have a few will call stores.

Do you have a small offset shop in your area? Maybe you could create a business relationship that is beneficial to you both. Purchasing paper from another printer could be less expensive for you…especially if you can use good quality scrap.

Although they are on the other side of the country, does a great job and has a good selection. In addition to many stock items including Reich’s Savoy the can custom cut and pre-score pretty much anything.

For 100% cotton paper, try and

If you’re reselling the cards, you could apply for a wholesale account with Paper Source’s parent company