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Hello Briarpress community!
I was here before about 6 years ago when I first became interested in learning the art of letterpress. I acquired a Golding Pearl and subsequently was not able to put the funds or time into learning on my own. I now have a HUGE letterpress in my garage and am heartbroken that it isn’t being used. I would like to sell it but need advice regarding how much I can ask for it. It is dirty, but in full working condition. I was able to use it several times, rather crudely due to my inexperience, but it is in great shape. I put a lot of effort in to getting it, taking a weekend trip several states away - loading and unloading it ourselves. I know this community values this art, and I would like to show this machine respect. I would also like to ask for a fair price. Thoughts?

image: IMG_4022.JPG


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Looks like a Pearl No. 14 with a 9x14” chase size. Assuming that all pieces are intact and that it’s in dirty-but-usable shape I’d guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000-1500. It also depends on where you’re located (geographically) and how easy it would be to load from it’s current spot in your garage.

Hope this helps.


Brad, Thank you for your response. My original thought was to offer it for $1,500.00 OBO, so this clarifies that. I am located about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. And the press is in my clean garage so it is easy to get it from one place to another. It is also on two pieces of wood and we have previously used dowel rods to roll it from the front of the garage to the back. The only problem is that it takes planning to ensure you have the proper equipment to get it onto a truck. A serious hand-cart with some muscle is ok, but we’ve used skid-loaders.
Thank you again Brad. I’d love to hear if anyone else agrees or has a different opinion. I’ll be posting it for sale on this website, so again - I want to make sure it is a fair asking price.

I believe that’s a fair price to start at and see where it goes from there. Other important details to point out if you have them: Feeder boards, feeder board brackets, have two rollers or three rollers, is the front storage door there and if so a picture of it because those normally had fancy lettering cast on them, counter, auto-inker…etc. etc….any options you have make sure to list them!!!! Also if you can at least put the flywheel back into the press for pictures that would help make it look better. Good Luck!!! Wish this press was closer!!!
Steve Alt