Taped tracks on a Liberty Machine Works no 7

I recently acquired a Liberty Machine Works No 7 that was last used in the 1960s.The tracks have been taped and as taping is a regular topic I thought a picture might be of interest.

The tapes are lengths of leather stapled into a loop. They are fixed at the top of each track and tensioned by wrapping string around them. Small adjustments have been made to roller height by inserting strips of paper between the leather and the metal track. The tapes stay on the tracks as they are under tension.

I presume this is the way that taping used to be done as a Golding Pearl I see has lines across the tracks at the top presumably from the string used to tension the tapes.

image: taping rivet.JPG

taping rivet.JPG

image: taping.JPG


image: right.JPG


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THANKS!!! Great pictures that capture a field adjustment/repair/fix that printers had to do to make a press work, or improve a quality of a print.