Re-listed, prices lowered: 3 Table-top Presses in NJ

I’m re-listing my ad with lowered asking prices as I really need to find these 3 presses good homes. Please contact me if you are at all interested. Please also note that these are for pick up only, I do not have the ability to ship.

The revised prices are:

* $2,000 for the Pilot, school bench and type (originally $3,250)[SOLD]
* $1,000 for the Golding (originally $1,800) [SOLD]
* $700 for the Kelsey with stand and type (originally $1,300)[SOLD]

Original text of my ad:

Unfortunately life has come between me and my printing hobby so I have to sell three of my presses. They are located in my apartment in Jersey City, NJ. I do not have the ability to ship any of these items so these are sold as buyer pick-up only and I have priced them accordingly.

Additional images available on request (I reached the maximum total MB limit with these) and questions are welcome.

The prices listed are my asking prices and all reasonable offers will be entertained. The presses and equipment I am offering for sale are:

American Printing Supply “Pilot” Clone, made in West Germany, with “school bench.” The press is 6x10 lever platen press. Rollers are in good condition. The bench on which the press sits was made by American Printing Supply for this press and they were sold together, which is how I’m selling them now. The bench and press together make a compact printing office all in one. As you can see from the photos it incorporates an imposing stone, a work surface, ink storage, galley racks, chase racks, a small furniture rack, two storage drawers and 7 2/3 type cases. The cases currently contain 14 pt. Dale Guild Caslon (partially distributed), 12 pt. Dale Guild Goudy Franciscan, 12 Monotype Gill Sans, and three case of type that came with the bench and that I never bothered to identify. The 7th case is undivided and contains leads. The type comes with the press & bench, as does a small assortment of accessories (composing sticks, quoins, etc.). Asking $3,250 for everything described above. [SEE ABOVE FOR NEW LOWER PRICE]

The second press is a Golding Official No. 4. It’s a 6x10 lever platen press and comes with two chases (one repaired but works) and rollers (in not great condition but the cores are good). No stand with this one. Asking $1,800. [SEE ABOVE FOR NEW LOWER PRICE]

The final press is a Kelsey Victor side-arm 5x8 platen press with Hamilton stand. The stand and features a marble imposing stone (added by the original owner) and 10 2/3 type cases. The cases contain: (1) various cuts and ornaments; (2) 10 pt Goudy Old Colony; (3) 10 pt. Goudy Italic (undist.); (4) 14 pt. Saybrook Script; (5) 24 pt. Frascati Caps and assorted cuts; (6) 12 pt. Park Avenue and assorted cuts; (7) 12 pt Schoolbook; (8) 6 pt. Copperplate Gothic and assorted ornaments; (9) 30 pt. Goudy Old Colony Bold; and (10) assorted reglets and metal furniture. Asking $1,300 for the lot. [SEE ABOVE FOR NEW LOWER PRICE]

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image: Pilot & bench 1

Pilot & bench 1

image: Pilot & bench 2

Pilot & bench 2

image: Pilot & bench 3

Pilot & bench 3

image: Golding 1

Golding 1

image: Golding 2

Golding 2

image: Golding 3

Golding 3

image: Kelsey 1

Kelsey 1

image: Kelsey 2

Kelsey 2

image: Kelsey 3

Kelsey 3