Polymer Plates or should I go offset

As many know my shop has been an uphill fight. Half the letterpress platesI get are made wrong. And the maker always says I made the artwork work.

So, I just get an AB Dick offset press to do jobs that the plate can’t get right for me?

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Hey Aaron,
I’m an offset printer that’s about to take the plunge into the world of letterpress. I plan to use mostly polymer plates.
We process a lot of files for offset plating from and it seems as if 75% of these files have some type of error. That just the way it is and I feel that it’s our duty to work with the client to solve the problem.
That said, I would suggest that you find a plate vendor that is willing to work with you and you with them - even if the plate cost is more! And make sure your vendor is pre-flighting your flies. If he isn’t, find another vendor!

Good luck!