Babcock Offset Press - Design Drawings

I recently picked up a flat file from a closed print shop, and contained within were the design drawings for a Babcock Offset press. The drawings are hand-drawn, and very interesting.

Anyone on this forum ever used one of these presses? I tried looking up the Babcock Offset Press on the internet and found exactly nothing.

I don’t want to throw the drawings out, and am hoping someone will be interested in taking them free of charge. Does anyone know a museum that might be interested?

image: IMG_8912.jpg


image: IMG_8908.jpg


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The Babcock company joined Cottrell at some point, and later joined Harris to form Harris-Cottrell Co. I imagine if you follow the advertised press trail, you would find similarities with the early Harris offset presses, but that is just a supposition at this point. I have run Harris presses when in school.

John Henry

This Babcock is from the 1950s and the Harris offset press line is older. The earliest Harris I saw might have been from the 1930s; similar in skeleton to this, but no covers.

The Braddock News Letterpress Museum at Braddock, N.D., has a Babcock Standard pony press from the 1890s. We would be interested in displaying the drawings, even though our focus is letterpress. It would be interesting to show that Babcock made the transition to offset. My address is: [email protected]
Allan Burke

i’d love to have them for our museum. Would $75.00 work for you?