Ettan MS-18 Etching Press

Ettan MS-18 tabletop etching press in great condition! This press has been barely used, and we simply don’t have room for it in our shop any longer. This would be perfect for a home studio, as it takes up very little room and is a good workhorse press. The footprint of the press is approximately 36” long by 24” wide.

The MS-18 has a bed plate of 18” x 36” x .50” (46 cm x 91.5 cm x 1.3 cm). The top roller has a 5” (12.8 cm) diameter. The 2.75” (7.0 cm) bottom roller, made of Cr/Mo steel, has a gear reduction of 4:1 it is driven by a standard crank handle. The MS-18 weighs 90 lbs (41 kg)

The bed is made of a tough acrylic and is very resilient and lightweight. The press can be mounted to a table, and is portable with two people. CART NOT INCLUDED.

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