Maxit coater/gluer

Hi All,

I’m looking into gluing machines for duplexing stock for items like business cards and wedding invites. I’ve come across a brand called maxit which is sold by Daige Inc. It looks very good in all their promotional videos etc. I was hoping that there may be some people on here who have had real world experience with these machines and whether it is a good option to buy? Any input would be appreciated.

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I’ve been using the 12” model for a few years and it works very well. I don’t have first hand experience with a Potdevin machine, so I can’t really say if I’m missing out (they have to be the industry standard for a reason), but most of what I do is duplexing 4-up business cards, 4” coasters and invitations, all post printing/pre cutting/die-cutting.

A few things that drew me to the Maxit is the price point was more within my budget and there is no need to clean the adhesive from the machine like I think you need to do on machines. Just heat it up for an hour to start out the day and when you power down the unit, the adhesive hardens in the machine ready to be heated up next time. Not spending time on cleanup every time I use it is really valuable.

Make sure you get a unit that ships with RP adhesive (specifically designed for duplexing as it mostly cures in 3-4 minutes and leaves less residue on your cutting blade) and you may need to order it from Daige directly for the RP to be included. I got mine new from a third party and ended up ordering RP glue from Daige as the standard adhesive transfers considerably more to the cutting blade.

Other than that, it’s been a great machine with no problems. The duplexed cards, invites and coasters that I’ve used it for have been among my favorite finished pieces.

One thing I’ve added to my workflow is an inexpensive cold roll duplexer

thanks Corbinw, that’s very helpful. it does seem a very easy to use system. I think this will be what I will go with. What was the cold roll duplexer you added as well?

Just search Ebay for “Cold Roll Laminator”. It’s just a 14” press roller. It has a hand crank and all metal body. Hand crank has never got annoying but I think it’d be easy enough to rig a small motor to the pulley. This is the size that was best for my printed pieces but they come in larger sizes as well.

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