Values/Pricing for C&P drive motor and ink fountain

I purchased a C&P 8x10 and the seller threw in a short ink fountain and what looks like the original drive motor. I’m looking to sell both items but have no idea what the value should be. The motor sparked when I plugged it in so I think it needs to be rewired. The ink fountain is intact and looks to be in working order. I’ve attached a few photos for reference. Any help on values for selling these items or if anyone is interested. I can post in classifieds. Thanks! - Chris

image: image.jpeg


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Value on motor is fairly low. If it is complete with no broken castings, etc probably in the 15 to 20 dollar range. As a comparison I just bought a Kimble variable speed motor with mounting brackets off a C&P press for 50 dollars that works.

The ink fountain I have no idea of its value.

Location of items would make a Huge difference.

Shipping can get to be more than the selling price and cast iron parts, no matter how well packed, can be damaged when shipped via common carriers.


Do you have a photo of ink fountain? Thanks.