Thorpe-Gordon Old Reliable

A friend of mine has a Thorpe-Gordon Old Reliable press sitting in her basement. It hasn’t been used in years, and the rollers are rotted out, but the mechanisms work, I think it just needs some oiling and cleaning. Neither of us knows what it is worth; any ideas?

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A lot depends on the size and year. If it is an 1888, it is a rare press. If all is working without any missing parts, it should fetch something close to a comparable C&P.

Thorpe was a very accomplished engineer and his press designs were very sound. C&P bought some of his designs for presses when he sold his business to them around 1889 or 1890.

Press should be worth $1500-$2500 based on some of the absurd prices people are asking now-a-days.

The word “basement” can reflect on the price too!!!

Ahhh yes a basement. I’ve brought Ludlows up steps, bracing them underneath to prevent collapse.
Takes a lot of extra time. Sometimes it has to be dismantled.

Thanks for the insight, everyone!