Printers/Typesetter,s Stories

Story from the mid to late 50,s 100%fact, much to the Authors embarrassment.!!! still.
From sleepy downtown Eastbourne on the South Coast of U.K. almost within sight of France.

From the time(s) when Proofs to the Customer were the norm.

One customer from the aforementioned Sussex Printers (Sussex) previous post, occupied the Penthouse of one of the upmarket Hotels on our seafront on a permanent basis.

It was standard practice for a Runner (2nd, 3rd, year apprentice) to be sent with first Proof, sometimes second proof of an upmarket publication, for Customer,s corrections.

The arrangement was for the Runner/Apprentice to be sent to the Kitchen for a freebie tea or coffee, whilst awaiting the revised return proof,s, entrance and exit via the tradesmans exit of course.
No problem, spent several happy minutes, some times longer chatting up the Waitress,s and or Cooks, One occasion secured a Date with a Waitress and *Legged It* back to work with the Proofs of course, but metaphorically flying at 35,000 feet.!!!

3 Minutes past mid-day, (in those days production houses on normal rota, Days, had a Lunch hour, 12 till 1) the cry goes up, very loud, across 3 floors.
*Taff* the Welsh Comp wants to know WHERE His B*****, Pedal Cycle is,???

The Apprentice/Runner borrowed it to deliver the proofs, completely forgot for the reason above, and *Legged it* back on foot, *Taff* was less than impressed.

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