Roller Gauge for Dutch Type High

Does anyone know where I could purchase a roller gauge for Dutch type high. I have found some for sale for UK 0.918 height but struggling to find a Dutch equivalent.

Thanks J

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If you do not, you could easily use your standard .918” roller gauge and place a sheet of .010” cardstock on the bed prior to measuring. That will get you very close to correct.

Joe, rather than searching on Briar Press, search on the site of Drukwerk in de Marge, the site where you found your press! I’ve got a gauge lying in my workshop… I’m sorry, but why looking at the other side of the ocean?

Hello Thomas

It’s a language thing really, but I will post on the Drukwerk site too.

No problem to post in English, as nearly the entire Dutch population is fluent in English…

More to do with posting on the site Thomas - I’m not fluent in Dutch. But that’s what Google translate is for…