Sticky typecases

What does everyone use to help typecases slide smoother in the cabinet? I thought that I saw a thread on here a while back but can’t seem to find it. Oh - and it has to be unappealing to mice! Thanks for any suggestions!

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Beeswax, or Vaseline (petrloeum jelly) neither particularly favoured by mice, and Sounds Strange, admittedly, IF they are still available, Stateside (or at all), …. 2 or 3, Camphor based Mothballs, in the base of each cabinet, under the bottom case.

For some never explained reason, the *Little B*****s, did not seem to like the smell.!!!

O.K. One or Two of the *Holier Than Thou* higher paid Comps did not take kindly to the odd whiff from below, but they (the higher paid/higher grade) tended to be the *Snuff Takers* who also got the benefit of the most used Typecases sliding in and out well on demand.

Still Happy Days, with with all the associated Sights, Sounds Smells and memories,.

I cleaned the metal runners of the dustproof cabinet with fine sandpaper and steel wool, to remove rust, and then waxed them and the bottom edges of the cases that contact them, using a candle rubbed on the surfaces. I don’t know about the mice — they’d have trouble getting to the wax anyway.


Beeswax or silicone spray work well for wood-on-wood.

Paraffin/candle wax works well.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

Don’t like them too smooth. They slip out too fast and can come out. Don’t ask me how I know. I went back and cleaned off most of the wax.

I’ve used a tape like this on my wooden cabinets-

I put it on the rails, not the cases themselves, and it works like a dream!