C+P Craftsman Automatic Value

Hello Briar Press Users!
I have a 10”x15” C+P Craftsman Automatic that I’m just not using. It runs fine but I’ve never taken the time to get to know it. I’ve printed three jobs on her in the last seven years. She needs someone who will love & use her. I’ve been trying to research the press to get a better feel for it’s value but nothing is coming up. I would like to sell it in the near future but don’t know where to start. Any advice where to start? Anybody out there have the same press willing to share?
Thanks very much! Happy printing!
best, a.

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This comes back to the old saying of “whatever anyone is willing to pay for it.” Since transportation is expensive, someone in your area is likely to pay more. Are you in a populated area or region, (which would be a plus)? Also, how easy is it to get out of its current location. If it is in a basement and will have to be taken apart to get it out, it is probably worth very little or nothing. How soon does it have to be moved? If you are not in any rush to get it out right away, my personal opinion is that you could start at around $2500, but you will probably have to come down to about half that, if you are lucky.

I have 3 presses, two 7X11 floor models and one 6 X 9 table model. In the last 20 years or so, I paid $100 and $50 for the two floor models, and $500 for the table model. Table models can be more desirable because they are easier to move.

Hi Afavorite-

Does your press have a feeder? To the typical garage shop hobby printer, a press without a feeder seems to be more desirable- less work to understand.

You have a craftsmen press, so that probably has the bells and whistles that make it a bit more desirable than a typical 10x15. I would guess 1000.00 plus would be a general price for it. In your shoes location will also have a lot to do with price; finding a buyer in a reasonable amount of time will often dictate the offers.