Heidelberg Manual for pre 1954 Blackball

hello! I am renovating an early Heidelberg Windmill Black Ball, and notice there are some differences between it and press described in the free manual on boxcar press. For example, my press rollers don’t use bearings, and I am missing that cool red central oil system at the back of the press. Does anyone know how to get a manual for the older press I have? Thanks!

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If all else fails, Contact Our Senior Graphics in the U.K.
They really do know the score, they are terrific people to deal with, on all counts, inc. Info & Parts!!!
Can be found via, . [email protected] . . Good Luck.

Is this press the HS (High Speed) version, if so might be able to scan a copy of an original manual for you


HS was the early version….no auto wash up I recall…

Not to hijack this thread… but I just finished the first stage of restoring a 1928 High Speed, I have bits and pieces of an original manual, but I would love a scan of the full version if it’s something that wouldn’t be much trouble.

How can I tell if it is a HS? It doesn’t have the auto wash up…

I will locate it amongst my ‘ephemera etc’ this coming weekend and send a scan to Browne Printers and papersouvenir….Ed

Thanks so much, Ed!

You can download PDFs of the manuals at Letterpress Commons:

Not certain they indicate what years the manuals apply to.

Hope that helps!

Hey Ed- I’m following up with you to see if you got a chance to scan the manual you mentioned above on 10/12/16. I’d still love a copy, my email address is [email protected].