Long shot paper question


I bought a rheem of legal sized, light grey, rainbow speckled paper at a garage sale a few years ago. The paper is smooth like printer paper. The paper was just in a stack and did not have the wrapper on it.

I LOVE this paper and am about out. Do any of you know where to buy anything like it?

The attached photo is a little dark (since the background of the paper is a very light grey), but gives a good example of what I’m looking for- smooth paper with embedded rainbow flecks (not just any flecks, but colorful flecks).


image: IMG_6438.JPG


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You can try a “Scrap booking” store. those places have access to a lot of stuff. Otherwise, you can contact “Neenah Paper” customer service. they are happy to talk to you and may have what you are looking for. They may not sell to you, but they would help with local distributors (800-994-5993)
if you google them other manufactures will come up under “related searches” when discussing your request, i think if you refer to the style as “confetti” it may speed up the search for you.

I think it’s Wausau Stardust, now part of Neenah under the Astrobrights brand.

Ream, of paper. Try also French Speckletone but I do not see a grey. It may not be the exact match.

send a sheet to:
Kathy Hahn
C/O - Neenah Paper
1376 Kimberly dr
Neenah, Wi . 54956
[email protected]

she should be able to ID it
[email protected]

howdy debbeuatiful — that sheet looks very close to Confetti — see attached — out of production now and I am unsure if there was a gray so it might be something else


image: Confetti4x5_7419.jpg


ryanhowell’s suggestion attached, available in 60#test and 65#/80# cover weight:

image: Astrobrite_7421.JPG