Golding treadle

I’m in the process of acquiring a Golding Jobber #7 but alas, it is treadle-less. Does anyone know of one that might be available?
Whistle Pig Press

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I have a Golding Jobber #7, and it too has no treadle….but it was built to never have one. Make sure your crank is not a straight crank, having a treadle with a straight crank won’t work very well.

Steve Alt
Liberty Press

I have a Golding Jobber #7 that does not have a treadle. How would I know if it is a “straight crank” or not? Thank you!

Wild Leek Press

Look through the base of the press from the front, below the feedboards. You should see a large driveshaft running crossways through the press which is connected to the bull gear on the press’s right side. If that driveshaft is straight, you cannot attach a treadle to the press. If it has a “U” shaped crank in the middle of it, you can. I’ve linked below to someone’s webpage of a torn-down Jobber which shows the crankshaft near the bottom of the first picture.

Look for something that looks like that.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN