Letterpress Grants-Historic Preservation


I’m wondering if anyone has advice/ leads on available grants that specifically benefit the preservation of foundry type collections. I have been invited to assist a small rural community printshop by cataloging, organizing, and restoring their extensive collection of lead type and dingbats.

I am interested in applying for small grants either national or regional (the shop is located in rural New Mexico) that could make this project feasible.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Briar community!


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You may have luck with historical grants. If you can “pitch” it the right way you may also be able to get “art” grants.

Sorry, don’t know of any specifically.

Have you approached the Museum of New Mexico, and more specifically the Printing Office in the Palace of Governors in Santa Fe? While they may not themselves be able to provide support their access to funding resources may be of help, and if you can interest them in the value of your project they ought to be able to assist you in obtaining funding support.