Pricing of numbering work

I have to send my numbering job out until I can work out my numbering machine problems on my V-50.

Email two bindery: told them had 10,000 2 parts 9x11 NCR need numbering. two up numbering

Both priced it out as a 20,000 numbering job.

Is this correct, it is the number of numbering heads times the number of sheets?

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No. If your instructions are as unclear they will put price high to cover themselves.
Is this what you want
10,000 sets(impressions) 2 part ncr crash number 2up
btw what was the price? It might be a good price.

Both said: 20,000 finished pieces for $495.00

Both said, it’s the numbering count, not the number of sheets.

Both said: id 10,000 sheets with two numbering heads totally 20,000 numbers.

I spend 10 minutes fighting with them, I said it only 10,000 sheets of 9x11.
But, they look at the total number of numbers printed. If I had 4 numbering heads it would be 40,000 finished.

Did they both give you the exact same price? Did you let them know if the ncr was glued ino 2 part sets. Could they have thought you meant 10,000 each of 2 part?
Your questions are not industry standard clear. This may be the problem with your instructions to trade services.
btw my estimate 10,000 2part 2up(2heads) crash number red $290.00 and 20,000 $550.00

The missing word is CRASH. You are asking for the crash numbering of a 2 pt form in two positions. The numbering sequence for postion A is 10001 to 20000, the numbering sequence for position 2 is 20001 to 30000.

I would read your original request as being two part NCR numbered in two positions, printing on both parts. I’d throw this on a GTO with a skip two blank wheel (numbering changes every 2nd sheet). That would be 20000 sheet numbered in two positions.

Mike Conway’s bid of 550 for 20K sets comes out to a whopping 2.7 cents per—a screaming deal when one considers you have to keep an eye on two machines.

Whatever you do, send in a good padding job, or the vendors will refuse to work with you again.

Yes, their quote is based on NUMBER FORMS, 2 PART NCR

this is what on their quote sheet.

Pricing stated unit price of $0.28.

But, their unit price is based on numbering heads.
They said 10,000 sets is 20,000 units.

I didn’t know that until I took the job to them today.

So, people base their pricing on numbering heads, is what I asking?

I keep asking the bindery is your pricing based on numbering heads. She keep telling me it was finish units.

So, I replied is unit 10,000 sets? She replied it based on the 20,000 finished unit. I have 2up numbering on 10,000 sets, so that 20,000 units.

Why not use a trade letterpress shop in Houston?
looks like there are a few

Here the quote from the bindery.

If I gave them 5,000 padded two NCR printed to be number why do they say the billing will be the 10,000 because it two numbering machine.

image: numbering.jpg


image: numbering.jpg


This quote looks about right. Aaron you need more clarity in expression. The grammar is hard to unpack and I’m sure the bindery has the same problem with your request.
Go to a local trade letterpress shop for this work.
good luck

My pricing, what I charge for the trade in my town is pretty much the same as Mike Conways, $270.00 10k, $540.00 20k based on crash numbering 2-up forms padded correctly, (skim trimmed before padding) no sets falling apart if that happens you pay for repadding on top of numbering…

Ok, sorry the about the grammar, I here in Texas this how we talk.

If you look at the quote above, it has different amounts, are the amounts for total sets or total numbering heads impressions.

I think the next time I have a numbering job, I’ll cut the job to size and do away with the 2 up problem.

I got my answer from a co-worker at one of paying jobs.

The prices is based on the amounts of numbers, not the amount set.

Seeing I wanting 10,000 number, the price is based on the amount of numbers, not the fact I gave them 5,000 set with the form two up.

So, the answer I was looking for is” It is the number of numbering machine times the amount of impressions.

Job two numbering machines on 5,000 sets, is 2 times 5,000 = 10,000.

But you are getting U$ dollars so even better for you

I think it will all become clearer if someone explains to you what a numbering box 2 skip pair of wheels are. Or 3 skip set of three and so forth.

$16 per thousand + $3 x 2 If No. Included
+ $5 x 2 If No. Blocked Out
10,000 sets (impressions) 2 up $166 / $170

+1 on the properly JOGGED/padded
also the 9” dimension makes me think these
might be perfed; which brings possible feeding issues
into play

(above numbers do not include shipping to/from)
L&M Graphic Design
Seffner, FL