Lay gauge for Autovic presses: does anyone need a spare?

Dear all

I have an Autovic platen press which has a broken lay gauge – the part is made from 0.015” shim steel. I am planning to re-draw and have it lasercut by a metal fabricator, but figured that if I were making one then I might as well ask around to see if anyone else who owned one of these presses might need a spare?
Drop me a line off-list and let me know. Not 100% sure of the cost yet, one fabricator quoted me £60 but I imagine we can get a better deal than that.
Thank you

Simon Goode

LCBA / London Centre for Book Arts
[email protected]

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Simon, Dear Sir,You may be over thinking in Your quest, (possibly!) if you care to call Rudgwick Metals, on 01403-822471 they may possibly advice you, that they can meet your needs (including multiples?) at a very competative rate.
Rudgwick Metals supply a great number of the Airline maintainence Units on Gatwick Airport.
Good Luck. Mick.

Thanks Mick - that’s useful to know. I met with Jonathan (jeclipse) the other day who was visiting Kingston University, where I am the technician. He mentioned that you could definitely advise! Thank you