Shipping letterpress across country

Hello! I have recently acquired a 5x8 kelsey press via online auction. The seller had no interest in shipping it, but luckily I knew someone local to pick it up for me. I live in Sacramento, CA and my press is currently in Tampa, FL. I’ve read about how to properly crate my press for shipping, and after calling around to various shippers, I am surprised that I haven’t receieved a quote for less than $400 to have it shipped out here. Can anyone make recommendations for how to get it out here without paying a fortune? Thanks in advance for your time and insight!

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One idea would be to get a double-wall corrugated box a bit bigger than the press, put the press in a sturdy plastic trash bag and tape it shut, get a couple of pressure cans of spray foam insulation, spray some into the bottom of the box, quickly set the press on it, and fill around the press with foam, allowing it to expand as you go. when the box is almost full quickly close it and tape it shut. The foam will immobilize the press in the box and prevent impact from damaging it. The box may bulge a bit as the foam finishes expanding but it should be possible to press the sides back in, or just ship it bulgy.

When the press arrives you will have to cut the box and the foam free of it but the press should be fine in its plastic bag.