Broadside vs. Poster

Howdy all. May the New Year bring much joy to you all.

So, to reveal the newbiness of my learning experience, what is the real difference between a poster and a broadside, or is there?

4. Also called broadsheet.
— a sheet of paper printed on one or both sides, as for distribution or posting.
— any printed advertising circular.

1. a placard or bill posted or intended for posting in a public place, as for advertising.

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Naval history
Old sailing ships and cannon
When all of the cannons on one side were fired at once, it was called a broadside. It got a lot of attention.
In colonial America protests against King George were printed and nailed to the village signposts where it was hoped they would attract attention. They were called broadsides.

Whoa! As I understand it, the ‘relatively’ recent use of the term broadside is a corruption of the proper term “broadsheet.”

It has gotten so out of hand that the term broadside has now compleatly superceded broadsheet.

Forty years ago there were still a few people that would try to correct people and explain that broadside was a naval term. That’s all water over the dam now.


Rick has a great deal more experience at printing in this format than I do, but I have always felt there was a subtle difference between “posters” and “broadsides”.

In my parlance, broadsides are predominately text or poetry printed in the format of a single, one-sided page. They may include illustrative matter, but are generally quite reserved.

Posters, on the other hand are more graphic, with large display type to “shout out” events or ideas in a format that will immediately demand attention.

Perhaps I’m off-base on this, but that would be my take to answer the original “poster’s” question.

John Henry (in the wilds of northern Iowa -2 degrees F. right now with a -19 degree windchill!)

A Broadsheet in my Book is an uncut sheet, unfolded, printed one sided with Text. I do this on my Press up to 32x42 Paper size.

Poster is more than one color, they tend to be 15x18 etc. but
if you plough thru Etsy and search under Poster it’s small stuff.

On the other hand, if anybody ever witnessed an re enactment of a 32 gun Broadside, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of this.

gentlemen, thanks for the clarity and humor

and, typenut, what make/model is your press that handles a 32x42 sheet?!