Vandercook No:1 for sale

We have Vandercook No:1for sale. it was originally from the Somerville Vocational School $500.00 obo. easy removal ground or loading dock. - [email protected] Located at my shop in Framingham, MA

image: 20170105_165051.jpg


image: 20170105_165132.jpg


image: 20170105_170314.jpg


image: 20170105_170333.jpg


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This press was shipped from Vandercook on August 1, 1931 to “Saml. Stephens & Wickersham Q. 174 Fort Hill Sq. Boston” as part of an order for four Number 1 presses. SN 5608 is noted as going to the “Western Junior H.S. Somerville Mass.” so perhaps all four of the presses went to the same school. Wickersham was a Vandercook dealer.

Fritz, thanks for the provenance.
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