Looking for a mechanic to repair a Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress in NYC

Good morning,

Would anyone by any chance know of a great mechanic to repair a Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress in the NYC area?

Many thanks in advance,

Lee :-)

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Heidlebergs are of course very much still in business, tho’
I think rather less letterpress oriented! I’ll bet if asked nicely they could find a retiree who could help. . I shall be watching such a machine running tomorrow here in the UK at the Paekakariki (private) Press. Lovely machine and the printed images from new type are superb

As You imply N Y C location? so in the absence of, as yet, any positive suggestions for Local H/Berg, Engineers, 2 or 3 Potential advice lines as starting points…
Your own *Wittenberg* probably too far away for Hands On etc., But would probably offer accredited Agents, within Spitting Distance. !!

Here in the U.K. at least 2 probably more, specialist Printers Engineers when contacted re Heidelberg, L/press repairs, are more than Happy to suggest/recommend *counterparts* beyond their scope.

2 Companies for starters, ship parts worldwide & Via E mail provide Excellent technical support, inc. where possible *contact points* for similar minded Back Up and Info.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Here U.K.for some considerable time, and still ongoing, our Specialist Engineers are sourcing and Re-Importing H/Berg Cylinders from across Africa… Including the weeds growing out of the Cylinders and the Wildlife evicted from the Bases, (before export of course)
Sadly observed First Hand (twice) `94 & `98 Cylinders seen Nairobi/Mombasa + outskirts of Nairobi, Steam Loco Graveyard, with Rows of Our Garratt Steam Locos rotting.


They are stripped down to the base, the Ink Train is removed, rebuilt as dedicated Cutting & Creasing machines, for Sums £/$ running into Telephone numbers.

No *Monotypes* or remains seen, but on a *Free* day, No Safari,? just had to investigate the sound of Print Machinery running, mataphorically the threshold said Welcome in English and Swahili, R.S.I. prohibits the full Swahili translation,??? . .Hakuna Matata was O.K. already bought the *T* shirt.
Invited in, did not even have to leave the footwear at the door !!! . . First stop was the Canteen, with the Best Coffee ever, bar non.
The entire staff thought it hilarious that we had effectively scrapped all our Letterpress, in favour of Litho and were buying back L/press cylinders etc.
They were running 2 Wharfedales, 1 Arab and 2 small Litho M/c,s Multilith & Hamada side by side, force of circumstances OR maybe forward thinking.

mick, tell me again about the “forest and trees”?

Ericm, Thank you for your entry. Apologies that you see my efforts as a ramble, up to my 2 one liners inc. the (@) references would seem to be constructive, for those that needed.
From there on my efforts were aimed at the *New Kids on the block* who as yet, may not have had the opportunity and the good fortune to learn, & find out, many of the aspects contained in my ramble.
Perhaps You could offer a resume of Your own, covering Your Vast observations, Learnings and Times spent within the Trade. !! . . Contradict me, by all means, constructively of course, . . Rewrite My ramble, on open forum, with your take on my lack of essay construction, terminology, etc.

My ramblings are always offered in good faith, in the case of the above, from a position of having been, VERY VERY blessed and fortunate, to have seen and been part of the story/experience since 1954… Perhaps I reach just one or two contributors, (hopefully) . . Perhaps My (basic) C. V. would help or explain the *wood for the trees* syndrome, follows:-
Basic rudiments of L/press. Printing on the College Adana, 1953, . . 6 yrs. Bona Fide apprenticeship `54 - `60 which included one day per week, on Day release to the Printing Dept of the art College… 2 Years, Conscription (Draft) R.A.F. but with the added Bonus of 6 months, of one day per week attendance at The Monotype School In London, paid for by the R.A.F. !! . . Followed by 25 Yrs in the trade.
The foregoing offered only in the light, that possibly I have a little idea and a little to >Pass On<
Fair comment that my offerings are seen as misunderstood *Rambles* perhaps One can not see *The wood for the Trees* in Ones own Forest.

One tiny corroboration of my efforts can be found at,
the counterpress `type foundry sort of ` re pilcrows.

I repair Heidelberg letter press cylinder and platen printers, die cutters and foil. My name is Jim Wheet you can find my contact info at heidelbergservice.com.
Jim Wheet
ATF Services

Jim, you back in biz? have tried to reach you several times. over the last few years.