Farley - Broken end plate

Hello all.

I have a broken plate that needs repairing for a Farley Favourite proof press.

Has anyone any advice as to where to go for repairs?

Also, rusted in bolts … I’ve tried rust buster, lots of soaking with WD40 etc for the alloy ends on the bed, they ‘aint shifting … anyone got any tips?

Thank you.


image: Farleyendplate1.jpg


image: Farleyendplate2.jpg


image: Farleybed.jpg


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From the look of that B****y Great Lump Hammer, Club Hammer you have left IN shot, If You were in the Forces you may have been put on a *charge* for self inflicted injury..!!
End of B*******g, constructive follows:- accompany the soaking via, alternately soaking, and gentle heat from/with an ordinary D.I.Y. blowtorch, followed by gentle drifting, - - normally standard practice, Auto Repair shops where Steel components are *frozen* in to Alloy subsections.
Re your pictured stub, top right, baste & heat Gently, then with a suitable size tube, preferably softer copper, gripped in conventional bench vice, drift the stub out and down into the tube, using the tube as the underneath support for the alloy, even better incorporate a fibre/brass/nylon washer to protect the Alloy from bruising, of course with a *Toffee Hammer* or similar NOT the evil weapon as original.

Assuming and hoping the busted out section is still around, in this day and age, with busted Alloy sections, in the hands of *dedicated* as in specialist, Auto Engineering Shops, Alloy Welding is commonplace, currently here U.K. with
D/C, and T. I.G. equipped welding M/c.s.

Rusted in bolts,? same system as above but incorporate the use of an impact wrench, i.e. fit the appropriate Socket Spanner onto a (preferably) 3/8” drive adaptor onto the 1/2” drive impact wrench, set the impact wrench to ANTI CLOCK mode, with a reasonable size Hammer, and even fairly gentle taps (NOT blows ??) in order, baste, gentle heat, at the same time, tapping the impact wrench, 95% of the time it is possible to FEEL via the impact wrench, movement on the bolt(s) usually found to be safer.
Impact wrenches can usually be sourced with a wide range of torque adjustment(s) to suit/accomodate a wide range of bolt sizes.
Good Luck. Mick

Thank you, Mick,

The lump hammer just sat on the bed, no harm was inflicted to the offending cast & machined slab in the making of this post.

The broken casting ‘was as’ when the press was given to me, sadly.

All the bolts for the end plates (broken bit) … is that what you are referring to when you call it a ‘stub’ … or, are you referring to the alloy on the end of the bed?

If you’re referring to the broken (end plate) All bolts,bearings etc are out and have been cleaned and soaked. They are fine.

It’s just the alloy piece at the end of the rails on the bed that is refusing to budge, flat head bolts that are going nowhere. (New picture attached … is that the stub?)

I wanted to get them off to release the rails and blast everything.

Then, get the broken plate fixed, somehow. The other end is fine.



image: farley-end-piece.jpg


I had a client that broke same piece and had it cast by a foundry in East London. The Beehive Foundry. http://www.jameshoyleandson.co.uk/
I believe his press is back working, I was worried about shrinkage buy I’m sure all was well.
I think they were very helpful and if a pattern was made then it should be available for other castings.
I warned my client about over pressurising these presses as he’d already blown a bearing on it which I repaired.
It’s probably a weak spot on the Farley as the side bearing takes all the pressure.
Good luck with it.

Thanks Albion,

Interesting that you mentioned them, I know them, just down the road from me. I’d already approached them and we talked about shrinkage as both myself and him were worried about it. He seemed to indicate that it was not reliable in the sandcasting they do.

When did your client contact them?

I’ll get back in contact with them anyway as it was a couple of years ago that I approached them.

Found someone called Slinden Services who can weld meat on to the broken piece and machine it for me but …

They want £500 excluding VAT!!

I might as well stick it on Ebay as a fixer upper!

Thanks again.


Hi David,
Speak to Stephen Kenny at [email protected] he’s also based in east London, he got the press repairs.
Mention me as your contact - Jeremy

Thank you, Jeremy … I’ll give him a bell and see how it went.

Thanks again.