C&P 8x12 NS rocker lock problem

Last week I purchased C&P 8x12 NS press serial number B50440. While going through it, I noticed that the rocker lock was not moving in and out.

On further inspection, I see that the device that holds the rocker lock spring on to the rocker lock spring rod is missing.

Does anyone have any tips, hints, or suggestions on how to put the cotter pin (I’m guessing that’s what it is, the parts list doesn’t specify) back on the rod? The spring needs to be under pressure and it’s pretty hard to get to, being inside the press.

I look forward to hearing from you press gurus soon.


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Robert, do you have the spring?

This spring is very strong. I strongly suggest you have another person help you. A tool that makes it easier is a short piece of 1/2” pcv pipe. Cut a slot about 1/8” wide at one end. Make it about one inch down the pipe on both sides. Use this tool to push the spring onto the rod until the hole at the end of the rod is clear for another person to insert the cotter pin into and through the hole. Using needle nose pliers adds more control to insert the cotter pin. After it is all the way in, release the pressure. Bend the ends of the cotter pin back. You are done. Good luck.

if you can make the above suggestion work. cool. but, i would use a steel pipe cut to the configuration above. i would not risk the pressure on plastic.
the “new way” is to use a grade 8 bolt. fine thread. with a self locking nut on the end. the bolt is long enough to get the nut started but when tightening to the end of the threads on the bolt, the spring may not be compressed enough. this is where , after purchasing the bolt you have taken it to a local machine shop and they have cut some more threads another inch or 2 down.
a third way, is, to put a roll, expansion, or spring pin through the hole in the rod. through the spring wherever it can fit. then grease the rod and spring. turn the rod clock-wise while holding the spring in place. the pin will screw itself out to the end of the spring. this will get you by, for now. you still need to follow up with a spring compressor of some sort to compress the spring, remove the pin, and get a washer in there under the pin for long term use. some small engine valve spring compressors work for this.

Thanks guys! I was able to thread the spring back on using a nail in the cotter pin hole. It looks like it will work for the time being.


nail? did you say fuse? lol. at some point in time get a washer and a real pin in there/.