Which Glue.

We have a new gluer, still in the box. We see potdevin 200 for paper and 201 for labels. I realize 200 is the most proven choice but I wonder why not the 201. We plan to glue card stocks together. Any feedback on either product would be a big help.

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The quick answer is P-201 costs more and is harder to clean up.
Both P-200 & P-201 do a great job laminating Paper to paper-cardboard & wood.
If you are just gluing paper— P-201 is overkill.
If you want to glue paper to tyvek or other hard to adhere to items then P201 is your glue.
Jon Drew
Duplex & Beyond

Thanks for the feed back. I was Ok with the 200 until I saw a pic showing the 201 looks a lot whiter. I guess it was bugging me, I didn’t want any discoloration when I cut the final product.

I have heard that issue being brought up but have never seen it happen in all the gluing that I have done, which is hundreds of thousands of sheets.
The glue film is so minuscule that it is invisible on the trimmed edge of the sheet.
I have glued 20# white paper to card stocks using Pot Devin hot protein glues, which are a darker brown than the P200 with no discoloration whatsoever.
By the way, I’m interested in what glue machine you purchased & the cost, if you’re willing to disclose it.
Good luck, Jon D

First of all we are not rich folks, so buying from china - well had to. I got tired of snorting 3M spray glue though I did like all the pretty colors - far out dude. This machine ships from California and we got it in 4 days. There was no additional duty fees. It is still in the box waiting to be fired up this next week. In theory it should work fine, we will see. I was close to the potdevin LM machine like yours but the cost would mean no craft beer for a long while. Here is the link.


We asked someone who knows more than us ( which is most of the world ) what glue he likes and he was using the Glu Fast GF#878U. We have never tried it but I have a local source and good costing so we will give it a try and see. Here is a link for that

My table-top guillotine came from China and was delivered in less than a week. It is very well made, cuts accurately, has safety features to prevent me removing my fingers and cost just £100 including shipping. The British equivalent was unaffordable (to me). Now 2 years old, the steel blade is still razor sharp and produces clean cuts through 250 sheets of 80gsm paper without a struggle - and it cuts down to the very last sheet.