I D Type. Please

Hello BP people,
I have looked through MacGrew’s bible but was unable to locate this face.
Any help would be appreciated.
2 versions are pictured.
Thank you.

image: unknown1.jpg


image: unknown2.jpg


image: unknown3.jpg


image: unknown4.jpg


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The photos show Fifth Avenue Monograms made by American Type Founders.

They were sold in fonts containing 3 of each character in 54 pt and 24 pt.



Thank you Michael.
I took the time to peruse your website and recommend anyone reading this post to do the same.
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A great way to start the day.
Jon Drew/Mpls

One of the things missing in McGrew’s book are displays of the Monogram and Initial alphabets. He simply did not think they qualified as typefaces. I once looked into this thinking that there were probably only a dozen or so. I was wrong! I think I came up with something like 5 dozen Monogram and Initial fonts!!!!!

There actually are a few Initial fonts included in his book, but they are rare exceptions.

I believe that there are two 24pt characters for each 54pt character in Fifth Avenue Monograms. The two short ones are meant to be set on each side of the tall one.