Elbow grease and Never Dull

Hello all,
I used something I’m very familiar with to clean the cooper faces on my new finds. I used never dull for 20 years in the Navy to polish brass. Retired Deck Ape!

image: nevr dull.jpg

nevr dull.jpg

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Is it April 1st already?


Never Dull, not a joke, for those who may have been around the block, a few times. Our U.K. equivalent was in fact *Stabright* as used by the author during 2 years Conscription/Military Service, equivalent to DRAFT in U.S.A.

In Dress Uniform or Parade Uniform the Cap was Similar to Your Amercian forces style, and HAD to HAVE the (brass) Highly Polished Cap Badge, Gleaming or else.!!!

For working Uniform it was permissible, (occasionally) to wear, on the Forage Cap, an anodised Aluminium Badge, which did not require cleaning. Bought from our N.A.F.F.I. the equivalent of Your Armed Forces P.X. and B.X.

Mick. 20/02/2017, NOT 01/04/2017. Good Luck, E.L.`71.?