PDF file of antique book on color printing


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This is great. Thank you for sharing.

thank goodness for your post -I had bought a book on amazon saying it was this book, but non of the illustrations were in colour………watch out there for that kind of scam, cheap “reprints”…………..
wish I had an original of the book, was 1 in the uk coupla years ago c £400………………..

Thanks for this! People don’t realize what beautiful printing was done by letterpress.

And another thank you, that’s this afternoon looked after…

Sad that once Letterpress did works of real art. Now, people think the laser printer in their office can do works of art as great.

Everyone younger than 40, thinks us old printers are fools to try to live in the past with our print equipment.

Computer are great, BUT they are just digital works of printing than any 5 year old child can do.

The letterpress days before the mid 80s when computer started taking over, a trade printer had to make the printing with his/her skill. NOW it just push a button and some computer tech that wrote the code actions are doing your work.

Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time to scan and post this. Most of us would never even know about or run across this book, and, if we did, most would likely not be able to afford it. People like you are what make this site so special.