Large set of large related cuts…surely for collectors

This is a set of 19 related cuts from the 1920s with provenance. The largest is19” and most are about 8” with a few dingbats. A couple of old dessicated rubber stamps were with them describing the business.
I’m not a letterpress person but these were intended for many uses in newspaper ads so they seem to be zinc.
The ideal collector would be someone from San Antonio who can appreciate the history.
I had them printed about thirty years ago and would be glad to send the photos of the prints along with pictures of the cuts.
The set is unique in several ways so it is difficult to list a sale price. A collector has to make an offer.

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image: All of them.JPG

All of them.JPG

image: SUC50233.JPG


image: Print 13.jpg

Print 13.jpg