Overprinting second colour

I am overprinting a 20 lineslab serif wood & in PMS032. It is overprinting the same font in black. I have layed down a silver then opaque white & to block out the black. Though I think there is now so much to ink that the &, which pings, appears like it has a spot UV varnish (or is printed on a coated stock). Is it here a way round and his so it look flatter on the sheet?

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Basic answer is probably NO. Your initial black is absorbed into the paper and you are now trying to print on an area that is layered with dried ink and therefore being applied to a “coated” surface with zero absorbency and will dry with a greatly “glossier” appearance.


Thanks Rick,
Thought as much. I may deaden the red a smidge to take away a bit of ‘brightness’.

If you are using oil based ink Try mixing some dull varnish into the ink

Thanks Steve,

Using rubber based inks.