Miehle V 50 X

Long overdue, Very big *Thank You* to all concerned on Briar Press, and the *Good Ole Boys* in the U.K. for the help regarding the Post,s entered by the author, (Mick) on behalf of the New Owner of the above V.M. V 50 X
Just returned from a Wayzgoose, where it was demo`d running. One of the last produced, Magnificent M/c.

Did get big thank you, from the Owner, which rightfully belongs the The Forum, U.S. & U.K. NOT the messenger.!

One possible plus coming up, (author) inherited an older V.M. for reconstitution, and hopefully, helping the learning curve(s)
in the First Person and others. !!! Thank You All again. Mick.

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Good luck with your new project. I am trying to log VM’s in UK, so perhaps you could let me have the serial number some time. Up to about 7 so far but am sure there must be more.
Picture shows my VM - v50 cira 1955 ?


image: Image3.jpg


frank hemmings, Your V-50 looks to me like a pre-war Vertical.
best james

Frank, 2, 3, (maybe more) V.M. Numbers with you fairly shortly, or S.A.P. - - Mick.

Sorry James, this is a British Miehle and the first UK models were built in1953 and ceased production in about 1968. Earlier models came from the US, The first American V50s were built in 1940 but production stopped during the war and production was resumed at the end of war( information taken from a paper written by Fred Williams, editor-publisher Type and Press, 1982)