NA Graphics ink - to buy or not to buy?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to buy a rubber-base pantone mixing set, and I want to get the right one! I was looking at NA Graphics because they are much cheaper than VanSon. I don’t want to sacrifice quality, but I also can’t imagine myself ever using 2.2 lbs of each color of ink in a million years, as a tiny print shop. Please advise!

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Try Dave Robison at Ink in Tubes
It is peak orchid season for him so it may take a bit to get your order
Whistle Pig Press

The VanSon 2.2 kilo can is equal to 4 pounds 13 oz and thus the price difference between a one pound can and a currently available VanSon can. And that’s the reason for the considerable price difference in price on the mixing sets. Our NA Graphics inks are still put up in one pound cans except for Opaque White that is 1.5 pounds because of the weight of the pigment. Inks in tubes are handy and we sell those as well but the ultimate price in pounds is high vs. one pound cans but there is the convenience factor. Overall, there is not that much difference in price between manufacturers. VanSon is imported from Europe, our inks are made in the US, but as with most things today, ingredients come from all over the world.