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I run a small literary press with high school students, and just last summer we acquired a Pilot-style press (thanks to the Briarpress classifieds!). We are now using it for the first time in the production of covers for one of our new titles, and it’s been great.

I am looking for help with a problem I anticipate having very soon: we are doing handset type for the cover, and I have a feeling we’re going to need a few extra letters, or we’ll need the name fully cast on a Ludlow, if that option even exists.

(The extra subtext here is that high schoolers are doing the printing, and have already accidentally smashed some of the letters we need for the author’s name. We are NOT doing a deep impression; the letter smashing was pure inexperience & bad luck).

I realize that getting photopolymer plates made would also work, but we don’t have a base - and we do have a very tight deadline. I’m going to make sure we have that capability for the next school year.

The font we’re using for the name is marked 20th Century 14pt. It was a very small sort that was donated to us. At the absolute minimum, we’re going to need a couple extra capital Js to be safe. Ideally, a little more of every letter in the name (Jason Olsen). I would also be willing to buy the complete font if that’s the best option, or get the name cast.

What would be my best and quickest course of action? Looking for suggestions.

I’m attaching a photo, just in case anyone is interested in seeing the design the kids came up with. Also, I wasn’t sure if this was better suited for discussion or classifieds - apologies if I got it wrong. Many thanks in advance!

image: parakeet.JPG


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Nice design!
If you can’t find the right sorts, you could also get type-high mounted plates made- Owosso does magnesium or copper mounted on wood, and you could get a few made as they do have a minimum order. Or you might have a local die-making company in town that would also do this.
You won’t need a base, and they do a fast turnaround!

Shouldn’t be too hard to get someone to cast some Ludlow or Linotype/Intertype slugs for you (assuming you only want a line or two for headlines and author’s names, etc.


We have quite a few sorts and short sets. I will check when I get into the shop tomorrow to see if we have that one still.
If so we would be happy to help you with what you need.
Kim - Mrs. Perfection Type

Sorry no luck here. I found various pt sizes of 20th Century Bold and Bold Italic but no regular 14pt.

Thanks for looking, Kim! I really appreciate it.

If there is anyone reading this that might be able to do Ludlow or Linotype/Intertype slugs as Rick suggested, I’d love to hear from you, as I’m not sure who or where to reach out to. If 14 pt is not feasible, 16 or 18 would work just as well (frustratingly, I have enough type in 12 pt, but it’s just too small for this cover).

Ludlow or Linotype slugs will give the sharp clean look you will want for your project.