Serial # C 139 Chandler and Price 10x15 question

Hi all,

I acquired a 10x15 C&P this weekend with original motor, wooden wheel, etc. excellent shape. I’m curious as to what year, how many were made if this one one in that year, etc. Does anyone have info or a link to help? I haven’t seen C 139 anywhere. Thank you.

image: IMG_0817.PNG


image: IMG_0818.PNG


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I believe C1 - C 600 were manufactured in 1905, good luck with your restoration

Thank you. Are the wooden side wheels common?

are these wooden flywheels attached to the shaft by pressure or is there a pin?I have someone who needs to remove the flywheels and shaft before moving the press and I have never seen one.

Here are some photos. It’s a wooden wheel attached to a metal shaft.

image: IMG_0862.JPG


image: IMG_0863.JPG


image: IMG_0864.JPG


another photo

image: IMG_0861.JPG


There’s no pin. Looks like just 2 bolts connecting the middle wooden (spoke) to the metal shaft.

Fairly common sight in factories and farms, (U.K.) from a long time ago, whereby the Driving and the Driven pulleys were both in the form of Composite (wood) usually in 2 halves that could be bolted on and around, shafting and shafts, (as above)! without having to navigate outrigger bearings etc.

Perfect example in the Machine Shop of our Museum >reconstruction< and still in use, on Line Shafting at 20 - 30 Feet long with many such pulleys, Driven BY and Driving various Machines, without split wooden pulleys,? would take a long long time to introduce an additional pulley.

As little as 50/60 Yrs. ago in agricultural and farming settings whole, *Herds* of WOODEN Split pulleys could be seen on Line Shafting in Barns, on Grain dryers, Grain elevators, etc.,
If any one pulley *Gave up the Ghost* mid season, No Problem, the local Wheel-right/Carpenter and Smithy (blacksmith) would re fabricate at a few minutes notice.