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Take the belt off and see if you still...16 May
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I ask where you are located. Reason...26 Mar
Where about are you located?25 Mar
What is your score height. Can you take...7 Mar
It needs to put out UV light27 Feb
I would only use the 1000 watt there...27 Feb
You can take off the plate and shaft...20 Feb
The press is 53” with the original...20 Feb
What hurt letterpress.... Offset press...1 Feb
I am in Kansas City, thanks but you are...22 Dec
Run those printed sheets back thru and...22 Dec
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Hope this...17 Dec
What is the serial number17 Dec
Can you post a pic of your cutter Jeff16 Dec
Where are you located. And would you...2 Dec
I purchased a black ball for $1500, if...27 Nov
Where are you located. Jeff27 Nov
Try turning your Marbe over and see if...21 Nov
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I have two Windmill I will be posting...14 Nov
I am leaving Kansas City to go to...18 Aug
Can you post pictures of the type...16 Aug
What part of Iowa are you located? Jeff16 Aug
Try alternate feed. Print one sheet....15 Jul
There is an oiling chart on the back of...30 Jun
Try putting a lot of grease in all the...19 Jun
Sure did!!!!11 Jun
Print the metal (cut) ornament, scan it...8 Jun
Fuji...14 May
...9 May