Questions about NuArc 26-1K bulbs?

The NuArc 26-1K in the specs says it takes a 1000 watt bulb.

If you go to the current manufacture at mrprint dot com they will sell you the bulb for $189 and it is only 800 watts. They say its not supposed to be 1000 watts its supposed to be 800 watts, even thought this machines specs says its 1000 Watts. Now I dont know if it used to be 1000 watts when NuArc owned the company, and then when mrprint took over they changed the bulb to 800 watts or what? Does anyone know why this is?

Im wondering what is the difference between the bulb from mrprint or a generic bulb? For example at bulbconnection dot com they sell it for only $30. And its 1200 watts instead of 800 watts which you would assume would be better? But can this platemaker even handle a 1200 watt bulb since the specs say it takes a 1000 watt bulb? It does say its made for this platemaker in the specs on bulbconnection dot com.

And the next question is does anyone have experience or know the difference between the mrprint 800 watt bulb for $189 or the generic 1200 watt bulb for only $30? Are they both equally as good in quality?

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I would only use the 1000 watt there are several places that sell them

Just make sure it’s this Part Numbers: GW-114


It needs to put out UV light

Your Nu-Arc 26-1K uses a 1000 watt Mercury Lamp # GW-114. I have a pdf operations manual if you would like for me to send you a copy.

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

Mrprint bought nuarc about 15 years ago so they sell the authorized bulbs and for some odd reason they only make them in 800watts. I also have their own manual from them and it also says 1000 watt. But they say the bulb only comes in 800 watt. Has anyone used these other generic bulbs?

Sorry I meant to say M&R owns nuarc, msprint is just their web site.

Has anyone used the generic cheap one? Can anyone tell me the difference in quality?